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We aim to keep the cost of vaping down as it should be, our goal is to stock the best e-liquid from around the world at the best price

and pass the saving on to our customers.We currently stock a lot of e-liquids in short fill bottles which you add your own nicotine

to using 10ml e-liquid nic shots. We also stock 10ml e-liquid bottles with a Max strength of 20mg.












Hustler E-LIQUID
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FoggyVapes Eliquid

Foggy vapes are dedicated to keeping eliquid cost down, we stock some of the best quality and branded eliquids on the market. we are based in the UK and comply with tpd regulations. So have a look around at the eliquids we have to offer knowing our prices are the lowest you will find online.



About Eliquid

E-liquid is a Liquid Made up of vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, nicotine and flavour concentrates, once mixed together you have e-liquid. e-liquid can then be dispensed in to your favourite e-cig ready for vaping, the e-cigarette is designed in a way to heat up your eliquid to produce vapor with the intent of inhaling the vapours giving you the nicotine hit you are looking for without all the nasty chemicals produced from conventual cigarettes. We stock a wide range of e-liquids with many different flavours to choose from. Our 10ml eliquid bottles have nicotine already in them. Due to TPD regulations you can only purchase 10ml eliquid bottles with nicotine. we also stock short fill eliquid bottles , these are bigger bottles with no nicotine. the idea is to then purchase a 10ml nicotine shot or two depending on your required strength and add the shot/s to the short fill eliquid.


VG & PG Eliquid Ratios

Eliquid Manufacturers produce their eliquid with different vg and pg. ratios, this is to either improve flavour or to improve vapour production of the eliquid. a higher vg eliquid will produce more vapour and usually more flavour concentrate is added to the eliquid to combat against the dulling of the flavour. higher pg levels is all about the flavour experience of the eliquid but as a result produces less vapour. we stock a wide range of different vg and pg ratios to choose from so you can easily find the right eliquid for you.